Building and Maintaining Bibliographic Database for AIDS Research in Malawi


In Malawi, researchers studying AIDS have difficulty locating papers and reports that describe previous research. As a result, most research projects begin anew. We thus propose to build on the wide range of contacts that we have developed over nearly a decade of research in Malawi to create the Malawi AIDS Research Database (MARD) to be housed at the College of Medicine (COM) at the University of Malawi. This will include: 1) unpublished articles and reports that constitute the bulk of research on AIDS in Malawi; 2) links to published articles that are available without subscription on the Web; 3) published articles to which we have access through the PSC Demography library. Such a database will have intrinsic value for scholars in Malawi.

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July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007
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Year 13