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Population Studies Center: In the News

New Population Center Working Paper (PSC/PARC)

Huang, Zhiyong, and Fabrice Kämpfen. 2019. "Assessing (and Addressing) Reporting Heterogeneity in Visual Analogue Scales (VAS) with an Application to Gender Difference in Quality of Life." University of Pennsylvania Population Center Working Paper (PSC/PARC), 2019-26.

--August 13, 2019

Nursing home nurses lack time and resources for complete care

Research by PSC & PARC Associates Linda H. Aiken and Matthew D. McHugh shows that when nurses lack support and resources, the most vulnerable patients are at risk. Researchers found that one in five registered nurses reported frequently being unable to complete necessary patient care, leaving patients without comfort, conversation, and surveillance, and leaving nurses with high rates of burnout. Read more in Penn Today and Penn Nursing News.

--August 5, 2019

What is race? It isn’t skin color, as some young people are learning

PARC Associate Sarah Tishkoff is featured on WHYY for a recent guest lecture she gave at New Jersey private school on the social construction of race as a biological category. "I feel like we have to talk about [race] because if we don’t, it’s just going to promote misunderstanding.”

--August 5, 2019

Living Longer, Saving Less: What it Will Mean for Retirement

PSC Associate Olivia S. Mitchell discusses what longer lifespans may mean for aging workers. Between ageism in hiring, a shaky Social Security system, and changes to rules regarding annuities, the future of retirement looks uncertain on Knowledge@Wharton podcast. “Since retirement planning is so nuanced and complicated, it would behoove many to work longer, save more, and expect less,” she says.

--July 30, 2019

Want to learn about our PhD programs?


Collin Payne – GGD Alumni

Recent graduate Collin Payne, faculty member in Demography at the Australian National University, stopped in to talk with us about his current projects and his experience at Penn.

Quartet Pilot Project Competition

Request for Proposals:  2019-2020 Quartet Pilot Research Project Competition
Proposals are due Friday, March 15, 2019 | 5 pm

The Annual Quartet award competition is jointly sponsored by the PSC, the Population Aging Research Center, Boettner Center for Pension Retirement Research, and LDI Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics. The competition promotes high quality and innovative research in demography, economics, and related social and behavioral sciences. Quartet awards are funded for one year (or less) in duration and are selected through competitive peer review. Click here to read about former and currently funded projects