Sarah Tishkoff

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  • Sarah Tishkoff (PARC Research Associate) was featured in Penn Today alongside other researchers in a commentary on race, ethnicity, genetic ancestry, and environmental factors and their contribution to health disparities.

  • Sarah Tishkoff's (PARC Research Associate) recent paper in Genome Biology and a paper in the journal Cell are cited in an article in Science, "Africans Begin to Take the Reins of Research into Their Own Genomes," which includes an interactive map that provides a snapshot of genomics research locations. Tishkoff and other geneticists say that they have only just begun mapping the genomes of Africa's many diverse ethnic groups and populations. Tishkoff says "this year she hopes to publish on 180 more African genomes."

  • Sarah A. Tishkoff (PARC Research Associate) and co-authors were featured in a Penn Today piece about an article in Genome Biology linking parasitic infections and the microbiome.

David and Lyn Silfen University Professor of Genetics and Biology

Ph.D., Genetics, Yale University, 1996


  • UPenn Research Ethics and Policy Series (REPS): Sarah Tishkoff on the Ethics of Genomics Research Involving Indigenous Populations in Africa
  • ASHG 2019 Curt Stern Award Presentation and Lecture: Sarah Tishkoff on Understanding African Genomic History
  • Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny Symposium: Sarah Tishkoff on Human Population Genetics and Origins