New Research by Rachel Werner featured in The Guardian

Rachel Werner (PARC Research Associate) and co-author Paula Chatterjee wrote an article published in JAMA Network Open entitled, "Gender Disparity in Citations in High-Impact Journal Articles." Werner and Chatterjee beg the question: Are academic articles written by men and women in high-impact medical journals cited differently? In this cross-sectional study of 5554 articles, those written by women primary or senior authors had fewer citations than those written by men primary or senior authors. Articles written by women as both primary and senior authors had approximately half the number of citations as those authored by men as both primary and senior authors. These findings suggest that gender-based differences in article citations may be a key contributor to disparities in the advancement and promotion of women in academic medicine. Werner and Chatterjee note, “We must focus on ensuring that women in academic medicine have a level playing field that equally values and promotes their successes.” Their research has since been featured in The GuardianMedicalXpress, and on the LDI website as a Research Snapshot.