New Research by Atheendar Venkataramani featured in The Hill

New research (cited below) co-authored by Atheendar Vankataramani (PSC/PARC Research Associate) was featured in The Hill.

Bruch, Joesph D., Olzem Barin, Atheendar Venkataramani, Zirui Song. 2021. Mortality Before and After Border Wall Construction Along the US-Mexico Border, 1990-2017American Journal of Public Health.

In this study, the authors found that border wall construction in 2007-2008 along the US southern border was not associated with discernible changes in mortality. As countries around the world grapple with complex policy decisions surrounding their borders, this study offers one piece of evidence from the US context. The possible effects of border wall construction on other meaningful outcomes, such as other health effects (e.g., mental health) and health behaviors, remain open for scientific inquiry.