Olivia S. Mitchell


  • Olivia Mitchell (PSC/PARC Research Associate) was quoted in Penn Today and Knowledge@Wharton about the growing number of older Americans in debt. “This is a very different world in terms of debt than our parents and grandparents lived in,” says Olivia S. Mitchell, a Wharton professor of business economics and public policy who co-authored the working paper, “Understanding Debt in the Older Population,” published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

  • New research by Olivia Mitchell (PSC/PARC Research Associate), in Penn Today, examines the financial well-being among Black and Hispanic women.

  • Olivia Mitchell (PSC/PARC Research Associate) was interviewed in a recent episode of the Knowledge@Wharton podcast about why early 401k withdrawls are a bad idea. The 2020 CARES Act allowed people under a certain age to access up to $100,000 from their 401k's without penalty, but Mitchell warns against this considering the potential loss of returns on investments and other downsides.

Executive Director, Pension Research Council
Director, Boettner Center for Pensions and Retirement Research
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Professor
Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
Professor of Insurance and Risk Management

Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1978


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