Kevin G. Volpp


  • Research by Kevin G. Volpp (PSC/PARC Associate) cited in Medium article about applicable nudge insights to the health field.

  • Kevin G. Volpp (PSC/PARC Research Associate) co-authored a study which found that when patients were 32% more likely to continue sending health data to the research team than those using wearables. Read more here 

  • By identifying similar themes acrorss tweets, a team of researchers at Penn Medicine came together to determine what topics and themes could be associated with loneliness. By applying linguistic analytic models to tweets, the researchers found users who tweeted about loneliness post significantly more often about mental well-being concerns and things like struggles with relationships, substance use, and insomnia. The study was published in BMJ Open.

Director, LDI Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics
Vice Chairman for Health Policy, Dept. of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
Janet and John Haas President's Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Professor, Health Care Management

Ph.D., Health Economics, Public Policy and Management, University of Pennsylvania, 1998
M.D., Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1998


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