Christopher Tencza

Office Address: 

249 McNeil

Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Group in Demography

BA, Political Science, University of Georgia, 2011
BS, Statistics, University of Georgia, 2011
BS, Psychology, University of Georgia, 2011

Entered Program: 
Dissertation Chair: 
Michel Guillot
Dissertation Committee Member: 
Zulma L. Recchini Lattes
Dissertation Committee Member: 
Irma T. Elo
Graduation Year: 

Chris graduated from the University of Georgia Honors Program with bachelor's degrees in three majors---Statistics, Psychology, and Political Science. Chris has earned all three degrees in four years. In addition, he has studied and worked abroad (all in Europe) in areas that complement his studies. He is interested in building upon his three majors with a long-term goal of consulting and researching in the areas of population studies and statistical analysis. He loves anything that involves numbers, maps, graphs and/or sports. His research interests are international demography (Specifically Europe, but open to other parts of the world), statistical methodology, political polarization, social stratification, health, population forecasting and mortality. His interests are Behavior and Health and Mortality; Methods