PARC Working Papers

  • Epidemiological Transition: Where are we today?
    Author(s): Irma T. Elo
    Published in United Nations World Population Monitoring: Health and Mortality Selected Aspects, 1998:138-159.
  • Linking Death Certificates to Early Census Records: The African American Method Records Sample
    Author(s): Ira Rosenwaike, Mark E. Hill, Samuel Preston, Irma T. Elo
    Published in Historical Methods, Vol.13(2), Spring 1998:65-74.
  • "Ability" Biases in Schooling Returns and Twins: A Test and New Estimates
    Author(s): Jere R. Behrman, Mark Rosenzweig
    Published in Economics of Education Review, 18 (2): 159-167, 1999.
  • Defined Contribution Pensions: New Opportunities, New Risks
    Author(s): Olivia Mitchell, Sylvester J. Schieber
    Published in Living with Defined Contribution Pensions. Olivia S. Mitchell and Sylvester J. Schieber, eds.
  • Administrative Costs in Public and Private Retirement Systems
    Author(s): Olivia Mitchell
    Published in Privatizing Social Security. Martin Feldstein, ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998.
  • New Evidence on the Money's Worth of Individual Annuities
    Author(s): Olivia Mitchell, James M. Poterba, Mark J. Warshawsky
    American Economic Review, December 1999: 1299-1318.
  • Retirement Wealth Accumulation and Decumulation: New Developments and Outstanding Opportunities
    Author(s): Olivia Mitchell, James F. Moore
    Journal of Risk and Insurance, 65(3) December 1998: 371 400.
  • Building an Environment for Pension Reform in Developing Countries
    Author(s): Olivia Mitchell
    Published in Foundations of Pension Finance. Zvi Bodie and E Phillip Davis, eds. London: Edward Elgar, 2000:480-503.
  • Holders of the Public Pension Strings: Governance and Performance of Public Retirement Systems
    Author(s): Olivia Mitchell, Michael Useem
    Social Science Quarterly, 81 (2): 491-506, 2000.
  • Pension and Social Security Wealth in the Health and Retirement Study
    Author(s): Olivia Mitchell, Alan L. Gustman, Andrew A. Samwick, Thomas L. Steinmeier
    Published in Wealth, Work, and Health: Innovations in Survey Measurement in the Social Sciences. Robert Willis, ed. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1999: 150-208.