Sarah Tishkoff

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428 Clinical Research Building



  • Sarah A. Tishkoff (PARC Research Associate) and co-authors were featured in a Penn Today piece about an article in Genome Biology linking parasitic infections and the microbiome.

  • PARC Associate Sarah Tishkoff is featured on WHYY for a recent guest lecture she gave at New Jersey private school on the social construction of race as a biological category. "I feel like we have to talk about [race] because if we don’t, it’s just going to promote misunderstanding.”

  • PARC Associate Sarah Tishkoff counters a controversial theory which claims that race-based genetic variants correlate to advances in human culture in a Wired article. “That doesn’t mean somebody won’t find something some day. Maybe it’s possible, but I don’t think there’s any evidence right now that supports those claims,” says Tishkoff.

David and Lyn Silfen University Professor of Genetics and Biology

Ph.D., Genetics, Yale University, 1996


  • UPenn Research Ethics and Policy Series (REPS): Sarah Tishkoff on the Ethics of Genomics Research Involving Indigenous Populations in Africa
  • ASHG 2019 Curt Stern Award Presentation and Lecture: Sarah Tishkoff on Understanding African Genomic History
  • Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny Symposium: Sarah Tishkoff on Human Population Genetics and Origins