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  • A new article in Nature mentions the need for racial and ethnic diversity in the groups of people studied in genomics research. “It would be very nice if there was one set of guidelines that fit every population, but not all groups are the same,” says Sarah Tishkoff, a human geneticist who pioneered efforts to work with African populations in genomics.

  • In a commentary in the journal Cell and articles in PBS News Hour and Penn Today, PARC researcher Sarah Tishkoff and co-authors, shine a light on the lack of ethnic diversity represented in genomic studies and on the consequences for health and medicine. “Leaving entire populations out of human genetic studies is both scientifically damaging and unfair,” Tishkoff says.

  • PARC researcher, Sarah Tishkoff's research Limits of long-term selection against Neandertal introgression was reported in a Penn Today article. Tishkoff works with former research associate Laura Scheinfeldt and former grad student Sameer Soi,to offer a new look at African genetic diversity, with data from 50 populations. Among other insights, their analysis suggests that hunter-gatherer groups, a few of whom speak languages involving clicks, share a common ancestry despite being geographically far-flung.

David and Lyn Silfen University Professor of Genetics and Biology

Ph.D., Genetics, Yale University, 1996