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Goujon, Anne, Iliana V. Kohler, and Wolfgang Lutz. "Future Population and Education Trends: Scenarios by Regions to 2030." In Population, Development and Environment on the Yucatan Peninsula: From the Ancient Maya to 2030, edited by Wolfgang Lutz, Leonel Prieto and Warren Sanderson, 141-172. Laxenburg, Austria: IIASA Publications, 2000.
Kohler, Iliana V., Jordan Kaltchev, and Mariana Dimova. Integrated Information System for Demographic Statistics 'ESGRAON-TDS' in Bulgaria. MPIDR Working Paper. Rostock, Germany: Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, 2002.
Kohler, Iliana V., Hans-Peter Kohler, Philip Anglewicz, and Jere R. Behrman. Intergenerational Transfers in the Era of HIV/AIDS: Evidence from Rural Malawi. PSC Working Paper Series. Philadelphia, PA: Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania, 2011.
Kohler, Iliana V., and Samuel H. Preston. Ethnic, Religious and Socioeconomic Differentials in Bulgarian Mortality. PARC Working Paper Series. Philadelphia, PA: Population Aging Research Center, University of Pennsylvania, 2007.
Kohler, Hans-Peter, and Iliana V. Kohler. "Fertility Decline in Russia in the Early and Mid 1990s: The Role of Economic Uncertainty and Labor Market Crises." European Journal of Population/Revue Européenne de Démographie 18 (2002): 233-262. Abstract
Payne, Collin F., Iliana V. Kohler, Chiwoza Bandawe, Kathy A. Lawler, and Hans-Peter Kohler. Cognitive Health among Older Adults: Evidence from Rural Sub-Saharan Africa. Population Center Working Papers (PSC/PARC). Philadelphia, PA: Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania, 2016.